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Deluxe Medium 4 Wood Frog
$2.70 $22.00
"Our Deluxe 4\"" Natural Frog Guiro is better than other frog instruments because of the construction, finish, and sound. The 4\"" size is large enough to create a realistic ribbit-like, or croaking frog sound when played correctly."...
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RhythmTech RT8000 Cabasa
$21.51 $49.95
Rhythm Tech's innovative design of this Afro-Cuban original....
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Meinl Percussion CL1HW 8 Classic
$5.99 $5.99
The MEINL Classic Hardwood Claves are the most common claves and produce the classic cutting sound with just the right amount of resonance. These Claves are made of solid hardwood and deliver a bright, pleasant tone that is fitting for any style of music and any musicia...
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X8 Drums X8-CT-KLB Coconut
$12.65 $24.00
This Kalimba thumb piano is made of a coconut shell with a wooden faceplate. Features 7 keys and a hand carved wooden gecko design on the faceplate. This thumb piano may be tuned to change the sound by adjusting the tension of the screws. Simply loosen the screws, then ...
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LP Cajon Saddle Percussion
$43.98 $43.99
The perfect accessory pack for any cajon, the Percussion Pack was designed to go with the LP Cajon Saddle (LP-CJS sold separately). The LP Cajon Saddle Percussion Pack includes a Pair of LP retractable Cajon Brushes (LP-CCB), the LP Vari-Tone Shaker (LP459), and the LP ...
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LP Percussion Table LP760A
$242.25 $242.25
The Latin Percussion LP760A percussion table is a percussionist's dream rig. All-steel, powder-coated, construction keeps your percussion instruments off the floor safely and securely, keeping them within reach. The LP760A's rubber-cushioned surface keep your maracas sa...
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Rhythm Band Rockin' Instrument
$21.99 $21.95
The Rhythm Band Rocking'Rhythm Bag offers a great selection of rhythm instruments sized especially for young children. You won't miss a beat with this exciting set that includes 2 maracas, a 4" triangle, a pair of sand blocks, a tone block with mallet, a pair of rhythm ...
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Meinl Percussion ES-SET Four
$8.99 $14.00
This specially designed set of egg shakers from MEINL Percussion offer 4 different, distinct sounds ranging from soft to loud, giving you the full range of sound possibilities for studio and live performances. White is soft and ideal for quiet ballads, Grey is medium f...
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Nino Percussion NINOSET540
$7.99 $13.00
NINO Percussion offers an outstanding collection of musical instruments designed specifically for children to learn in the classroom or to play recreationally. These Egg Shakers can be played individually, or as a set for fun small group collaboration. The size is perfe...
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Innocheer Kids 10 PCS Musical
$31.99 $31.99
Musical instruments for young childrenDesigned for children ages 3 and up, each piece of the Innocheer musical instrument set is durable, fun to use and has few small parts. Musical instruments are ideal toys as they not only help children develop their rhythm and music...
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